Friday, February 23, 2018

Independent Food Critic Fried Food Friday Beignets

It is Fried Food Friday where I share something that is fried. That I am sharing with you beignets that are doughnuts without a holes top with powder sugar on them that they are known to be found in the French Market in New Orleans the places that is known to serve them is at Café du Monde that also is known for having them with coffee. Beignets are also one of the things that they eat on Mardi Gross. Also beignets are seen in the Disney Animated movie The Princess and the Frog that happens to take place in New Orleans. Mostly beignets are mostly hole in the center their are the types with filling in them. Could be something for breakfast, Dessert that is what they have at Jazz Louisiana kitchen or just for a snake to have with coffee on the French Quarter of New Orleans. That I would even like to go to the Café du Monde to have their Beignets with their French coffee as will. Even I had been to New Orleans before. For now keep on viewing and eating!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Independent Food Critic: Chicken A La Mar at Jazz

This is the review for the month of February it is on Mardi Gras known as Fat Tuesday. Where this one is on a certain type of thing I got to review on. It is the Chicken A La Mar at Jazz Louisiana Kitchen it is the Cajun place over in the Legends outlet in KCK. The Chicken A La Mar was pretty good it is one of the popular things at that place with it is two breaded chicken breast top with shrimp lobster and a cream marinara sauce as will. It is something worth trying as will. Not really the best might get one better at a place in NOLA. Besides it came with vegetables as a side dish it was also top on rice. It is something to get again once in a while. For the Chicken A La at Jazz 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5

Also had beignets for dessert at that place after all on Fat Tuesday. I will be doing more posts soon. getting close to the 400th post on Blogger. Keep on viewing and Keep on eating!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Independent Food Critic Thirsty Thursday Leninade

The first day of the month of February with the first post of that month. Where I share you a drink since it is a Thirsty Thursday. Where it is Leninade a comments Soviet  theme drink with a a carbonated taste to it. It had the name with Lienin as will who was a Russian leader the lead into it as the Soviet union. Clams to have a party with it. Mostly a comments party as will with the theme to it. Got to do a Live soda drinking of it on my Facebook for the first one in the year 2018. By wearing that Russian black hat seen in the photo of me by holding the drink. Also was using a fake Russian accent with it for character. It would be something to go back for a thew times to have to drink after all. I will be doing more post's soon and For now keep on drinking!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Independent Food Critic: Meaty Monday Double Cheeseburger

This is the first Meaty Monday post as the Independent Food Critic. Where I share something that is meaty or something that is meat. It is pretty much like Thirsty Thursday, Taco Tuesday that pretty much died out for now and Fried Food Friday. Let you know this is Meaty Monday not Meatless Monday for Vegetarians to get ones to have no meat on Monday. This is not a Vegetarian post that I will be doing. The first thing I am sharing for Meaty Monday is Double Cheese Burger that are two beef patties then just the one between to buns. Double Cheeseburgers are always mostly popular in restaurants especially at fast food places. Where you get more meat then just the one patty after all. Mostly Big Boy might be the place known to have the double burger came from. That McDonalds had it's way call a Big Mac that has a bun between two patties with a special sauce. Also a double cheeseburger would go good with bacon on it and a side of fries. If you want more meat and less veggies like I do. If that the burger is really thin make it a double. Be doing some more post's soon and For Now keep on eating!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Independent Food Critic: Mason Jar (Kansas City,Ks)

This is the review for the month of January and the first one in the year 2018. Where I had ate at Manson Jar where it is on 74 Drive that is behind a Poppa Johns and Taco Bell on state. Notice about it by a year. Had went their the first time. It was a locale place that is clean and have a big selections of brews like Grant City and Yard House and this one is not a chain place. Had their Traditional burger had it with Swiss cheese and bacon on it with fries that are crispy. The burger was alright it was a burger any way. Mostly it was some thing for locales to go. If it was at a better location that is more main stream it could do much better business and it still had some gust at that place. It is also a bit expense. Be some place to go a few times as will just not really as much. For Mason Jar 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5. I will be doing more post soon and For now keep on eating!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Independent Food Critic Thirsty Thursday Pepsi Wild Cherry

It is a Thursday where I share a drink to you for Thirsty Thursday that is on Pepsi Wild Cherry that is Pepsi Cola with a cherry flavor. Mostly do like drinking it a few times. That Coke has it's version call Cherry Coke that I like that also better then just regular Coke any way. Pepsi Wild Cherry was referred as Wild Cherry Pepsi that had replaced Cherry Cola slices. Also in some restaurants that they do a Roy Rogers a non alcohol drink with a cherry flavor to it that was name after a singer and actor who had played in westerns. Also I will be doing a live soda video on my Facebook by having a Cherry Cola drink some time soon. Noticed I am about to get up to 400 post's on this blog page. For now keep on drinking and viewing!   

Friday, January 5, 2018

A bit about La Befana

Maybe Christmas is over with for now that tomorrow is Epiphany that is the day to reflected back on Christmas that is the celebration when the Wise Men make their way to Bethlehem to see and give to the new born king that is Jesus. Tell you a bit about La Befana who is a tradition in Italy that a witch gives Italian children gifts on the day before Epiphany. That Epiphany is on January 6th after all. When it comes to a witch you mostly think of Halloween in the U.S. that in Italy during this time of year that a witch dose fly's on its broom stick to give children gifts. The origin of La Befana takes all the way back a thousands of years ago that a old lady was not to friendly that she keeps sweeping her house most of the time. When the three kings had showed up that are the wise men came by that they where seeking for the new born king when they saw the star of Bethlehem to lead them. They ask directions to Bethlehem that she remands sweeping. They came back to tell her to come with them to see the new born king that she remands sweeping. After they lift that she realized that she did not want to sweep any more and want to see the new born king that she did not made it. But when she seen a child that she gives them a gift until she finally meets the new born king. Today in Italy the tradition of La Befana is still happening where she fly's on her broom to give Italian children their gifts for Epiphany. The US that Santa Claus the big guy with the red suit and beard fly's on a slay with reindeer to give children gift for Christmas and the same with other country's as well. The La Befana is a long time tradition before St. Nicholas gave good children gifts. In Italy the they it is a old lady with a broom to give kids gifts that is still happening today. On Epiphany think about that witch in Italy that gives Italian Children gifts and to look back on your Christmas as well. Have a Happy Epiphany!

Independent Food Critic Fried Food Friday Beignets

It is Fried Food Friday where I share something that is fried. That I am sharing with you beignets that are doughnuts without a holes to...