Friday, March 30, 2012

My eZip Scooter

A thing I like to do is to ride on my eZip 500 scooter in the Neighborhood where I live. Got that scooter from friends I know here in the Neighborhood where I am living right now in Kansas City, Ks. They have scooters of their own and they ride them as well. There are time I do ride with them around the Neighborhood. It is really fun as well. Got battery upgrade with a 3rd battery sticking out. Makes it go faster, Longer and a bit up those hills.

                                                  That's when I just got the scooter

                             This is with the battery upgrade from the same people I got the scooter from

Did upload some POV scooter rides with the view of the Neighborhood. Been watching roller coaster views on YouTube made me come up with that Idea. Kinda made them like short movies with opening and ending credits

This is the first scooter ride video I did 

                                    That one is the look at my scooter with a ride clip at the end

Me and my friends in Kansas City, Ks like riding are E Scooters. It runs on electric then on gas. Even doe my breaks scriking noise.

                                            For Now Keep on Riding

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 5 Amusement Parks

Right now I am into Amusement parks. Haven't been to one in a long time but they I do still re member going to them. This are the one's I had been to. Might be the one's you like or don't like have two on there in Diffident states most of the other three are in California.

5, Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, Ks) Is a amusement park that is like Knotts Berry Farm in Kansas City. Where it has some thrill rides. Most of the one's in the Omaha aria where I am from do go to Kansas City to go at Worlds of Fun. Had a log flume shape like dragons and a river raped ride like the best called Furry of the Nile. Kinda a fun place to go. Motley fun for one's who like theme parks.

4, Adventureland (Altoons, Ia) Theme park is a town by Dos Monies, Ia. Last time I been there was a fill trip from my crier class in my ending part of 8Th grade. It has three roller coasters a log ride and mostly kinds you fine at a amusement park. It is one of the funner place's to go in Iowa. It has a look similar to Disneyland without Micky.

3, Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) It is a memorable park that every kid all ways wanted to go. Has rides that I like such as the Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunted Manson and space Moutain a really fast indoor roller coaster. Disney you's the latest teach's in there park. They do have some problems by time. It is one of the place in California best known.

2, Six Flags Magic Moutain (Valenica, CA) Big amusement park with all kinds of roller coasters. From Old School to the hard core for the thrill junkies. Has all kinds of rides and shows with the Loony Toon charters and roller coaster name after DC superhero's and Batman villeins. All kinds of Six Flags in North America. It is like Worlds of Fun excited it's much bigger.

1, Universal Studios Hollywood I all ways like this theme park/Movie Studio with Jurassic Park water ride. Action shows. Learning about how movies are made. Has the studio tour ride gives you the tour of the back lot it's long ride with entrusting things to see and a threw trilling speashel  Ethics. This is the place where you can feel like you are in the move.

Those are my picks of Amusement parks I had been to. Some of you might not like that Disneyland is not number 1 on here. But it is my picks.

                                                       For Now keep on Ridding! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Impression of Mater from Cars

Just did a video on YouTube me doing Impression of Mater the rusted lovable toe truck from Cars. Mostly some of the lines from the first Cars movie.  

Do like some things from Disney by time. Mostly in to liking The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies and some the Pixar films. Did other Impressions on my Channel. Such as Cartman from South Park and 4 Charters played by Mike Myers from all three of the Austin Powers movies. Had planes to do some more Impressions on there. Probably do some other charters from Cars such as Fillmore the Hippie VW Bus, Luigi the little Italian car who seals Tires and Ramone the custom lowrider are a thew I can do. Mostly do Indy Food Critic and POV eZip Scooter ride video's and all kinds of thinks on YouTube.

                                           For Now Keep on Watching 

Monday, March 26, 2012

First time on Blogger

This is pretty much the first time on here. Mostly had been on Facebook, YouTube and Google+. Even doe recently did a blog on here on my Famous Dave's re-review as the Indy Food Critic. Do other things like Impressions. POV eZip Scooter rides in the Neighborhood where I live in Kansas I hope you like my blogs.

That was a pitcher of me as a Profile pic on Google+ 

Famous Dave's Re-Review as the Indy Food Critic

Yesterday from now. Ate at Famous Dave's Haven't been their for a long time having the all American feast. Did a re-review on YouTube as the Indy Food Critic. Did a video review on my Channel back in 2009. 


                      This is the clip of the left overs that is seen on the Indy Food Critic video review.

This is the Famous Dave's Re-Review video

That one is the other one back in 2009

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