Monday, April 30, 2012

Indy Food Critic Evergreen Chinese restaurant review

Today from now I just did a review on a Chinese restaurant over on State Ave in Kansas City, Ks where I live. It is close to two other Chinese restaurants those one's have buffets. But this one didn't have a buffet. Dine in serve fast food kind of place that has a drive threw. Do give you enough food. Didn't really care much for it. More authentic Chinese then American Chinese that I like. Gave that one a lower rate pretty much like the last review on Isle of Capri Buffet. Only two Evergreen place's I saw are in the Wyandotte county. The one I ate at  over on State Ave in Kansas City, Ks and one over in Bonner Springs, Ks that is where Papa Bob's is at. Pr ably looks like it's a family run place. Beside's it might be Chinese Mafia own. I got the they the same with China Buffets. Did a review with a Japanese Robe and a Asian villager hat. Did had chop sticks. I really do yous chop stick when I have something Asian in away of food. Not really the best place I would want to go.

                                              This is the Pitcher what I am like in the review 

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(Let you know this place is no longer their any more)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Indy Food Critic Isle of Capri buffet review

                                                       Isle of Capri Buffet review video

Yesterday from now I did a review on the buffet at Isle of Capri. It is really called Calypso's Buffet. But I mostly call it by the casino/Hotel where it's in. It was on a Friday night crab leg night. This one is much cheaper then the buffet at Argosy. Food is not as good as Argosy. It's pretty much OK when it comes to sea food. That is most of the Casino's buffet serve on a sernten night. This one was in a river boat. Where the casino is on the bottom floor. Can take your kids to. Most of the casino's where I am from is the river boats. Buffet is in the hotel part. It is close to the downtown part of Kansas City, Mo. Didn't got a really high rate on this place. I weather go with Argosy's food better. Re-sen you it much cheaper to go to.  Not calming it's a bad place to go. Not really the best place to go. Gambol more at the buffets then the casinos them selves.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Indy Food Critic Wendy's review

I do Fast food place's once in a wile. Just did a review on Wendy's I don't really go their to often. Been craving for a double burger with bacon. Had a Lard fires and a drink. When I was their today from now.
It was pretty good. It was better then the Jack in the Box that was next to it. Do a fast food review once in a while. Not really going to do a McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell or Subway reviews. We all know what they are like. Their are most of those around. Try to do one's I haven't ate at before or the one's I like to eat ate. But I don't go to Wendy's a whole lot because their high in Price.

                                                 Drink bit of fries I had from their 

                                             Fries I had ate Wendy's showed in the video

                                                                                                   Do more Indy Food Critic soon. Check out my Channel for more Indy Food reviews and Other things Liem's Blogs Channel.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The first Indy Food Critic video

Back February 2009 made my first video review and also the first Indy Food Critic review. It was on the Australian theme chain of Steakhouse Outback. Ate there Valentine weekend. Had a bloom in burger their. Kinda was a personal food critic of myself to a friend of mine. Make a comment on my friends cooking. Always wanted to be a food critic. Where you go out to eat allot. Make your comment on the place I ate at. Did yous the idea of giving restraints A,B,C,D,F grades like a teacher or another form of a movie reviewer. Now I just do 1 out of 5 . 5 is the best. Vary first Indy Food Critic video was upload in 2009. Doing that time. Like season 1 of the place's I ate at. Doing that time I got about 10 Indy Food Critic videos. Had a few of them over a 100 views. Last one was on the Argosy buffet. Had problem with the computer. Did take work to make those video's. Did most of the view's on my Myspace, 2010 did a fan page on my Facebook. Now I went back to doing most of them as video reviews. It get some viewer's  a comment or a rate. Not raelly the biggest things on YouTube right now. Still be doing Indy Food Critic right now.     

                                               Vary first Indy Food Critic Video on Outback

If you got a idea for a place you want me to do. Please make a comment on it. Go ahead make some comment's. Even if it's a trick question or a stupid one. Want to here from my viewers. For more Indy Food Critic and other thing's Check out my YouTube Channel Liem's Blogs Channel. Follow my the place's I ate at or hungry for on my Facebook page Indy Food Critic Facebook.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

eZip Born to Be Wild video

Did another POV eZip video. Well it's the same video view I upload from the first video. It has the song Born to be wild by Steppenwolf. It is the song that made the 1969 motorcycle movie Easy Rider. It is my own way to make tribute to that movie. It is just me riding. Do listen to that song on my MP3 player when I am riding it. Dose not have any clips in the video. Did take the footage from my first eZip scooter add the song in it. Their are film makers that do special edition re released on cinema or on DVD. Mine is kinda like away of a remix.  

This is the eZip photo in the video

  That's the video eZip Born to be Wild video

That was about the latest video I made on my YouTube. Do more blog's and eZip video's soon. Check out more of my eZip video's and other videos on Liem's Blogs Channel. Please leave a comment on it. Want to here from your comments for now.

Keep on Riding

Friday, April 13, 2012

AppleBees reviews as the Indy Food Critic

Had did a video review on Applebee's back in 2009. One of my first reviews as the Indy Food Critic. Ate at the one over in Manawa in my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia. Had the ultiment trio. There chose of appetizers. We all know Applebee's is a chain place. That all ways changes there menu. Was my all time Favorited. There where things I like no longer on there have on there menu any more. Such as fried pickles and garlic fries no longer there for a long time. 
                                                        Applebee's review from 09 

Did another review last month in March. This one was on the Quesadilla burger there. Just made a review on it. A person made a comment on the Applebee's review to try the Quesadilla burger. Made a review of it. It was the popular burger there. Truth is I did not care much for it. Have better burger's there such as the Cowboy burger. Had been making Quesadilla's on my own from home. with the Quesadilla maker that I got for Christmas from my Aunt.
                                                Applbee's Quesadilla Burger Review

Applebee's is still a place I would eat ate. Not really my top fave as it yous to be. Have no plans on doing another re-review on it for a while. Have plans on doing some of the place's simaler to it. Such as Chili's and Ruby Tuesday's if I ever go to them some time. Please leave a comment. Follow my statue's update's Indy Food Critic/Facebook and check out my other Indy Food Critic video's on The Liem's Blogs Channel for now I am my own food Critic

                                                 Keep on Eating   

Monday, April 9, 2012

Indy Food Critic review on Hometown buffet

Yesterday from now I did on another Indy Food Critic review on Hometown buffet. Ate there the Saturday before Easter Sunday. After when I saw The Hunger Games and Wrath of the Titens. Ate at the one over in North Berry road in Kansas City, Mo. It's a buffet just like any other family kind of place. I think I like Ryans Better. Did the review of it on Easter day. Did gave a low rate on the place. It's not really the worst or the best place it's OK. Did a review on this place on my Indy Food Critic Facebook page it was there around breakfast.

Indy Food Critic on Hometown Buffet

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cartman and Austin Powers Impressions

Did two other Impressions before I did Mater from Cars. First one I did was Cartman from South Park and all four charters played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers movies.

First video I did of myself was the fat potty mouth fat kid called Cartman from South Park. I all ways like that show. He is one of my favorite charters from the show. I can do a pretty good Impression of him. Got planes on doing other South Park Charters as well such as Timmy, Jimmy, Towelie, Doing other charters from the show that are not around much as they yous to be. Such as Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poe and officer Barbrady those are the two you see more in their early seasons of South Park.

                                                    Me doing Cartman Impression

The 2ND video I did Impressions where the Austin Power charters mostly from all there movies played by Mike Myers. Such as Austin Powers himself, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Goldmember. Did pa-form Austin Powers Impressions on Open Mic back in my 11Th grade year in high school. exsetped for Goldmember. Don't really have plans on doing another Austin Powers Impressions. Be doing other kinds of charters as well.

Me doing Impressions of Austin Powers Charters

Those are the two Impression videos I did on YouTube. Planing on doing some more Impressions soon. Check out my other videos on Liem's Blogs Channel  and other blogs on here as well. For now what Cartman say's Screw you guys I'm going home.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Want to do a re-review on Papa Bob's and Grinders as the Indy Food Critic

The two place's I want to do re-reviews on are Papa Bob's BBQ and Grinders they are both in the Kansas City area. Want to do a YouTube review on them. Both of them where on food shows while Grinders where visited by Guy from Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives. Papa Bob's was on Man V. Food. 

Papa Bob's BBQ
It's my all time favorite BBQ place. That I clam to be the best BBQ place Kansas City. It hapens to be in Bonner Springs, Ks. It was one of the three place's Adam Ritchman from Man V. Food went to when he was in Kansas City. Try to took on the Ultimate Destroyer he had failed. Like most of the others had. But they had about two completed it. To me might not have a Ultimate Destroyer. It  is to much for me. Most of the time I get a Destroyer a smaller version had about six of theme with the choice of three kinds of meats. Want to do a re-review on it because it was the last review blog I did on Myspace and it might not got publish. Noticed  on There Facebook page they are getting much better business then just the locales. 

Half of a Destroyer at Papa Bob's

Is a funky pizza and sandwich place over in the Crossroads art distracted over in Kansas City, Mo. It is one of the place's that Guy from Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives. Both in have two buildings Grinders East and West. Where one has specialize in Pizza and Wings and the other Sandwiches dose not really matter witch one you go to. You can get what ever things they got in the two Grinders. What ever you order might take awhile. The wings are really hot there. Doing the time I was there. I had a Chili bomb pie. It's any kind of pizza where you can get it top with chili cheese tater tots. Been making them  at home a lot. Want to do a re-review on it. Because I only ate there once. Would like to try one of there sandwiches then a chili bomb pie.                                                   

                                                       Chili-bomb pie from Grinder

Those are one of the two place's I want to do re-review's on as the Indy food Critic. If I ever go to them I well do re-reviews on them. If have any questions about my blogs please leave a comment on it. Check out my Indy Food Critic and other kinds of video's on my YouTube Channel. Liem's Blogs Channel

For Now Keep on Eating!

(Let you know I did a Papa Bob's review in September of this year 2012) 

Monday, April 2, 2012

A eZip scooter ride video

This is my 7Th eZip scooter ride video I upload on my YouTube Channel. Was filming over about 6 blocks where I live in Kansas City, Ks. 2ND POV scooter video they have detected that it was shaking. The other one's had opening and ending credits. This one I did not have any of them. Starts out with me in the video shows a pitcher of my eZip scooter.   
                                                       This is the video I uploaded

This is the eZip scooter I have in the video

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