Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top 10 Roller Coasters I want to go on 2

This is the first sequel blog. Like this on this site. Had did this kinds of blogs like this on other sites before from Myspace and Facebook now on Liem's Blog's on Blogger right now. Got some more roller coasters I want to ride on to rank up. Some time I might be going to Worlds of Fun soon. If I do might do a blog about it. Got couple of coaster from their at that park. Once again it's the one's I can think up to go on. If you want a way more thrilling coasters. Do you own list this are the other's I want to go on.

1, Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom (Orlando, FL): I been on Big Thunder Mountain and the Matterhorn at Disneyland. Expedition Everest has more of the thrills where you go backwards and running in to the Yeti. 

2, Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land (Mie Prefecture, Japan): This is one of the roller coasters I want to go on that is out side of the US. It clams to be tallest and longest roller coaster ever. It's much longer and higher then the Mamba at Worlds of Fun.

3, Bizarro at Six Flags New England (Agawam, MA): Besides knowing Bizzarro as Superman's clone  from the Animated series. This one is a higher and fast coaster. The ride ends with a sound trek for this ride. Even doe their is another roller coaster called Bizarro at another Six flags park happens to be a floorless coaster. Superman ride of steel is simaler to this one. But that well be on another blog soon.

4, Hades at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park (Wisconsin Dells, Wi): I all ways do like the woody coasters. This one has a couple of long tunnels it goes threw on the ride. I like thing going thew tunnels.

5, Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, Mo): Another wooden coaster. That is a long running coaster at the park. It's popular one. Has a name of wolf I do like wolves and I might go on that one.

6, Manta at Sea World (San Diego, CA): I had been to the Sea World at San Diego before. But this was long before they came out with this coaster and it is brand new. Just came out this year so far. It's a launch coaster. That goes really fast. I now that the one in Orlando has a Manta coaster their's are a flying kind. But not ready for those one's yet. Go for the one in San Diego instead.

7, Lighting Racer at Hersheypark (Hershey, PA): It's a dueling wooden racing coaster. I all ways a kind I want to go on where you are racing with the other coaster on the same track.

8, Prowler at Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, Mo): This is the 2ND wooden coaster at Worlds of Fun. Where it's a large one where you are ridding thew the woods. Kinda like the Zinger once they had. Exsped  for it's a wooden coaster then a steel one and it's one of the latest coaster they build have so fair.

9, The Wildcat at Hersheypark (Hershey, PA): Another best known wooden coaster. I want to go on.

10, Racer at Kennywood (West Mifflin, PA): This one happens to be a wooden one as well. It is probably the oldest dueling. Probably the first coaster ever been their since the 20's Maybe not as exciting as the one at Hersheypark. But it's one I well go on.

Those where some of the more Roller coasters I want to go on. Probably be doing another one some time soon. Might be doing one on water ride's, Thrill ride's and even Theme parks I want to go on. Still watching coaster views on YouTube right now. For now anything has all most something to tell about. Keep on riding!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Artemis are Harris Hawk

                                              This is a pitcher of Artemis in her water tub

Another bird of prey we got is Artemis a Harris Hawk. Harris Hawks are native to American southwest and all the way down to Mexico. They are probably one of the only birds of prey do hunt in packs. We had Artemis since back in 2006. Where the guy who fly's his eagle at the world series. Was giving his Harris Hawk to my dad. Over at the world Bird Sanctuary over in St. Louis, Mo. It has all kinds of birds of prey and exotic birds. Beside that we went pass by Six Flags there. Had some really good St. Louse BBQ. Her name was Apachy. But my mom dose not like it or even called her by that name. We re-name her Artemis after the Greek Goddess of the hunt or a charter from Wild Wild West. She make a screeching sound some times when some one past by. Did make a hissing sound. A girl once in the SCA calls her Darth Vader bird or Darth Bird. She has a sin full look. Has a different kind of beauty then what Vogel had a red tail we once had. Mom kinda did think Harris Hawks are Ugly. There are not as ugly like a vulcher. We still had have her right now. Living fine as as any other falconry bird. Doing more stuff about falconry and other things as well. If you have any to ask about any of the birds of prey, Falconry or some of my other blogs go a head and ask me a Question. I well try to answer them the best I can. If you ask me any kinds of falconry  or birds of prey I don't know. Ask my parents who are more of the falconers then I am. Just the one who helps out and takes pitchers of the birds. You can see Callie are Peregrine falcon and Ra'n are new Kestrel on my YouTube Channel. It is link on my other blogs I had did. Probably be doing some with Artemis soon. For now keep on Fallowing!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ra'n are new kestrel

                                  This a pitcher of the Kestrel we got and my mother holding her

We had some Kestrel's in the past. From trapping them from the wild. First one we coat in the wild. Was name Page. We had to let him go because got him to spoiled never really got him to hunt. Had another one name Bo but had die from a gas leek when we move in the house in KC. Had one coat from the wild name it Drake but past away only had him for a short while. Kinda did sorta got a teach to him since I came up with the name. Now we got a female kestrel on the Wednesday at Lilies war in the SCA. That what my parents take the birds to these kind of things. Got her from a young girl who said she was part of raptor recovery. Gave us the kestrel. Did wanted to name it Paula because I think up a pretty girl that has that name. Did wanted to name it after one of the Charmed one's, charters from Buffy or True Blood. But they name her Ra'n. It's the Norse German word for thief. Because she stole are hearts. To me it's name of a female vampire with human emotions was based on a video game. Even doe that is spill's different. Now we all have 4 birds all ready. Sometime in the fall we might go to the mid part of Kansas try to catch a male Kestrel.

                                                     This is a clip of are Kestrel

Might be putting this clip of kestrel soon on my YouTube channel. For now you can see Callie are Peregrine falcon on their as well and other kinds of things. If you have any qusestions or a comment go ahead and put them down. I well try my best to answer them. For now keep on viewing!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

SCA: 100 Arrow Shoot at Lilies War

                                      That is the 100 Arrow shoot with me shooting crossbow

I did a blog on Lilies war a week long event in the middle ages group. 100 arrow shoot is something I been doing every time when I was at Lilies some where back when I shooting re curve bow back some where in my teens. Been shooting it for a long time at Lilies. It is the simple's shoot. Where I shoot 5 and rounds arrow's per target. Since back in 2006 when my parents gave me a crossbow back from Gulf wars. Went to upgrade to crossbow. Shooting really good then what I had with re curve bow with the cross bow had to shoot smaller targets. It's the same way of scoring like for re curve and long bow. Made it a thew times in the finales. But never wen in the finales. This year at Lilies I had made it to the finales and every body who where camping where I was made it. Still haven't really won the finales but I had tide with a person who was a good archer. Well that is about the 100 arrow shoot. Even doe you are not shooting 100 arrows. Just shooting 5. It's called that because it add's up to a 100. Might be doing more things on the SCA soon. The firework show at Lilies has over a 100 views on my YouTube channel Liem's Blogs/YouTube for now Keep on Viewing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peregrine Falcon drinking from water pan


This is the 3rd video on YouTube I upload with Callie are Peregrine Falcon. Who I happen to be the one I like the best. Since back in 2010 when I upload the one with her splashing around in her pan was the one I have over 300 views was the last remain video I upload in 2010 over a year to 2012 went back to uploading videos as Indy Food Critic was getting lac of views. Dissed to do some birds of pray video's. I well be putting up some more of the birds we got right now soon.

                                   This is the peregrine Falcon in the video on her water pan

More blogs and videos well be coming out soon. Check my videos on my channel for now Keep on Watching!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Callie the peregrine falcon

My parents are license's falconers. Been in to it for 13 years. To them it's away of life. Most of the time I am not interested as I yous to be. More into it back when dad had Volgel it's German from bird of pray. She was are red tail since 1999 went back to the wild in 2010. We have other birds of prey such as a harris hawk, another red tail hawk, kestrel and especially a peregrine falcon name Callie. That's the bird in those videos she is a retied falconry bird. She is the one I like the most. I am the one who gives her food the most.   

                    Callie splashing around back in 2010. Was the last video I upload when I went back to upload in 2012.

                                       This is her eating, flapping her wings and quacking 

Those are the two Callie video's I got upload on YouTube. Might be doing some more birds of prey videos and things on birds of pray for now Keep on Watching!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

SCA: Lilies war 2012

Was at Lilies war a week long event in the SCA a middle ages re-crating group been in it for a long time. It's kinda been yous to it and the same with my parents who are falconers. That is where I yous the name Liem Drake from. I do archery their.

Zombie targets from the zombie shoot
A viking ship I take a pitcher every Lilies war

Are new Kestrel we just got

                                               Eating contest over at the food court

This was the pics from Lilies war 2012. Got the video of the night of the fireworks some of it. on my channel check it out it is a amazing fireworks show.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 6 Villains in True Blood

Season 5 of True Bloods primers this weekend from now. True Blood is one of my fave shows ever. It's the best thing with vampires in it. Where it's a about a waitress name Sookie Stackhouse one night meet a vamp in the bar Since then her life been upside down. Had been reading the Sookie Book's what they are based from. It did had it's way of villains in the series.

1, Russell Edgington

2, Maryann Forrester 

3, Steven Newlin 

4, Eric Northman 

5, Renee

6, Marnie Stonebrook

Those are the villains from True Blood. If you want to find info about them. Look them up or watch the series.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Indy Food Critic China Town Super Buffet review

                                This is the hat I have on doing the review without the chop sticks

Just did a another review as the Indy Food Critic it was on a another Chinese place. But this one is on a buffet. Over by a in a strip mall by Sun Fresh over in Kansas City, Ks. Had re do the video I realized it had no sound after when I upload it. deleted it re do it over. Now it got sound can here me talk about that place I ate at that is Chinese Mex or Chinese Mexican. For other Indy Food Critic reviews. Check out for other things as well.

Remember something I am my own Food Critic and For now Keep on Eating!

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