Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another day at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2012

Once again I was at the KC Renaissance Festival over in Bonner Springs Ks where they all ways have it. This time it was at a demo for the S.C.A. Kinda had a boring time there. Been eval with the S.C.A. for a long time getting tired of it. Playing a middle-age person. Took some more pitchers not really the best one's.

                                                           Knights fighting

                                                  My mom holding Red Tail name Rosa

                                        Cross dressing guy from one of the shows at the fair

Those are some of the pics from that day on a Saturday. Been doing to much of things that evals with Renaissance fairs and S.C.A. by playing some in the Middle-Ages. Kinda want to do something from another time period such as the Old West or World War 2. For now keep on Fallowing for some more blogs to put on here!  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween blogs for the month of October 2012

Let you know I am not the best speller as I can. I am trying to spell the world I try to put down as I can from sounding like it. Even doe I do uses spell checker dose not all ways get the world I am trying to put down. Please I try to get the right world on my blogs best as I can. I try to say things as I do. Now on to the topic. 

Once again it for the month of October is where I do Halloween blogs. By doing things that relates to Halloween or something scary. Where I rank up top horror movies. Do things scary and frighting for the time of Halloween. I well do some things that is not relate to any thing that Halloween such as a Indy Food Critic review and other kinds of blogs. But I well be doing the month of blogs with chill's and all kinds of things for this month of October. Hope you fallow along and Happy Hunt's from Liem's Blogs. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Indy Food Critic: bd Mongolian Grill

Today from now I ate at bd Mongolian Grill over in Overland Park, Ks. Do like Mongolian grills. bd was OK. Cost abet extra to get another bowel of the stir fry. You can only pick 1 meat's or sea food. Mostly do like getting two meats such as chicken and crab. But I started off the first bowel off with chicken. Noodles. Garlic sauce and buffalo sauce to mix in. Food was all right. Kinda like a buffet telling every thing you got is pretty hard. Dose not have much of a authentic Mongolian or any other Asian restaurant feeling. Kinda feels more like a south western kind of place. Had a 2ND bowel with the same kind of noodles instead of chicken I got crab. Sauce I pick that time where Ti Pei and some kind of spicy chili sauce. The crab meat was pretty good. for this place it's not really something to go back to a whole lot. I rather like Ho Hot better. Enlist it that place is all you can eat don't hath to pay extra for all you can eat. I rather just stick with the Mongolian grill at Hong's Buffer over at North Berry Road over in the Mo side of Kansas City. For this place 1 out of 5 I give it a 2 out of 5. Be doing some more reviews and other blogs soon. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!     

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2012

Most of life my parents all ways take me to Renaissance Fair's. We yous to be merchant at them long ago that how we got in the S.C.A. We never did merchant at the Kansas City fair or any other big fair like this. We mostly go to the KC Fair Al lot. Yous to make trips from Council Bluffs where I had lived to all way to Bonner Springs, Ks in the Kansas City Area. Where the fair is all ways held. We go their times in garb or in mondan. This year I shot archery companion twice this weekend won't let us yous cross bows. Just shot with a received bow. Only made it up to 30 yards. It was another way to get in to the fair without paying.

                                                           Ugly Unicorn color dog

                            Dungeon Museum all ways has every year with the torcher devices 

                                                Rat Chair inside of the Dungeon Museum

                                                         Clips from the Jousting

Those were the photo's I took at the fair. Not really the best. Just the one's I in up taking when I was their. There are other's took better pitcher's then I did. Be doing other kinds of blogs soon For now keep on viewing!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Papa Bobs (Bonner Springs, Ks)

Today from now I just went to Papa Bobs BBQ over in Bonner Springs, Ks. Right after when I came back from the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Papa Bob's is mostly my fave BBQ place in the Kansas City Area. It was the place where Adam Ritchman took on the Ultimate Destroyer from a episode of Man V. Food when he was in Kansas City. I had a Destroyer that's what I mostly get their. It was my 6Th I had so far. 4 more I well get my free one. On my Destroyer the three meats I had was Beef Brisket, Smoke Turkey and Pull Pork. It was all right really meaty it kinda did taste like it was kinda left cold. It was really big. But not as big as the Ultimate Destroyer but that one is a challenge. It was not really the best meal I had their so far. But it is still a fave BBQ place in the Kansas City Area still don't even mine going their again. For Papa Bobs 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5. I well be doing some more Indy Food Critic blogs and Well do a blog on the KC Renaissance Festival soon. Remember something I am my own food Critic and for now keep on eating!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 15 toys I was in to when I was a child

Even doe I was doing a chopper blogs of this month. I did put down I well do other things. Right now going to share some of the things I toys I was into back when I was a child. Even doe I had work at a toy store before. Going to rank up the one's I played and had. Most of this are mostly toys for boys then girls. I am boy I played with toys meant for boys. Some of them where base from cartoons I was in to. Maybe one or two from a movie. Some that don't even make any more. This is my chose that I pick out.

1, Video Games: I am all ways do play video games once in a while. Most of the game consoles I ever own where from Nintendo and PlayStain. Did had a classic Nintendo. Had games like classic Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. For PlayStain 1 games I played where Spyro, Crash, Tomb Raider and Tony Hawk. Those where some of the games I played. Kinda do play some video games once in a while.

2, RC Vehicles: I all ways like playing with cars, trucks, boats all most any thing that is radio control. Mostly like the one's that are wireless more freedom to move. Even doe I had some of those kinds before. Still do have some interest in to playing with them. 

3, Hot Wheels: I had a whole been full of Hot Wheels cars. Did play with them when I was little. I don't even remember if I had a track for them with loops and jumps. I also did had some Matchbox cars and other toy cars that where like Hot Wheels.

4, Nerf: Most of the Nerf toys I played with where Nerf shooters. Had a Nerf bow and a crossbow. Did had some Nerf balls as well.

5, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back when I was a child I was really big on Ninja Turtles. Wanted every thing that was Ninja Turtles daring that time. I had mostly all of the turtles action figures some of the spin-off kind such as the Turtles as Classic Star Trek. Had some of the villeins like the Shredder, Bebop and Rockstedy and Had the Turtle van.

6, Transformers: I did like the cartoon mostly like playing with the toys the best. Where a Idea of making a robot change form to a vehicles and back. Some of the one's I had where mostly the Decepticons because their where the one's that transforms in to jet planes. Beside that I had Transformer bed sheets when I was a child.

7, Micro Machines: I had all things that was Micro Machines. They are those tiny vehicles from cars, trucks and military vehicles. All most any thing daring that time would be made as a Micro Machines. Even Star Trek and Star Wars. Most of the Star Wars toys I had where Micro Machines. They do had big play sits where it opens up to play with.

8, Legos: I played with Lego's when I was a child it was one of my fave things where I can build things out of blocks. Did had a castle Lego sit. Did like pirate Lego's and space things.  

9, Jurassic Park: Beside's it is my all time fave movie. I did had toys from the movie. Had some of the dinosaurs. T-Rex that makes roaring sounds. Did had all the human characters from the first film and the two jeeps. Did had some of the Dinosaurs from it's sequel The Lost World. Did had other kinds of Dino toys that weren't even Jurassic Park even had them before that movie came out.

10, Creepy Crawlers: It's where you take the mold shapes. That shape like bugs. Where you cook them. Make rubber bugs. Kinda like form of a Easy Back Even besides that you can't even eat them after when they are done. 

11, Super Soaker: I played with a water guns when I was a child. Splashily in the summer. Grate for pool party's. Just squirt your friends for the fun of it.

12, The Real Ghostbusters: I did like the Ghost Busters movies mostly like the cartoon the best. I did had some of the toys from the cartoon. Did had some of the figures of the guys. Had a plastic proton pack and a ghost trapper. 

13, G.I. Joe: I didn't had the full size military Ken dolls from the 60's. To me I had the smaller size one's mostly from the 80's and 90's. Based from the cartoon I had watched. Had some of there vehicles for them. 

14, Play Doe: Things I like about playing with Play Doe was smash it and make shapes out of it. Comes in different colors. Even doe it was not edible to eat. Beside's the peanut butter Play Doe make back when I was in pres school.

15, Nickelodeon Toys: I was into Nickelodeon when I was a kid. But those toys I had where not really based from a show on that network. Had things of Gak where it's this slimy stuff to play with. Had kinds all kids of colors. My first was orange as the color of the Nick Logo. Had a thing a Flom it's this stuff that can mold things and bounce's and had a thing of Zand where it looks like sand can mold like doe. That one dose come in forms of color.

Those where the toys I played with when I was a child. There are some more I had. Didn't have them on this blog. But maybe next time. For now Keep on viewing! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

All of the American Chopper bikes I have still in package

Showing off all the American Chopper/O.C.C. bikes I got still in package. Did ranks up the 5 theme bikes from one of my last blogs. Got two Custom Rigid bikes to show off. Didn't had them on the list. I put the theme bikes best known from seeing them being built from the show. I know there from the first season. But I was just being a bit Nostalgic about theme. I know over the years they build some newer bikes. For this month on Liem's Blogs was sorta doing a chopper month with thing relates to chopper motorcycles. I well still do Indy Food Critic reviews and other things that is not even related to motorcycles.   

                                                 All 5 American Chopper bikes I rank up

                                                        Custom Rigid #1 and #2 

Those are mostly the American Chopper bikes I have right now still in pack age never been open. The one's I don't got are Lucy's bike, Old School and T-Rex Softall are the ones I don't got not really the best bikes but daring that time I did want them to complete them all. Even doe threw the years of the season. They probably had some more bikes as well. But this are the one's I know more about. Not sealing them yet. Keep them some where when I am in my 30's or 40's. They well might be more valuable doing that time. Some more blogs well be out soon. For now keep on Riding!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Bob Evans Review

                                              Butter pack from a Bob Evans in my hand

Once again I had another good meal at Bob Evan's over by Legends in Kansas City, Ks. Bob Evans is one of the best place I eat at. With it's farm base comfort food. Last Wednesday night from now had their double Angus burger with endless fries. That's only on Mon-Fri. Now what I had their tonight. Had their three cores combo started off with rolls and Their Chili. The Chili was really good it's meaty and hardy. Main thing I had was chicken fried steak and masted potato's and country gravy. Chicken fried steak was all right it was just chicken fried steak. It's fried meat that is not chicken. Breading come apart when I was cutting it. Masted potato's and gravy where pretty good. Maybe needs more gravy on it. For dessert I had Choclet fug Sunday was not really that big. But it was part of the combo of chose. Service was good. The price's where reasonable. Bob Evan's all ways has good food. That every body can in joy. Any time is good for this place. For Bob Evan's 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5.

Well all ways be coming out with Indy Food Critic review soon. Please LIKE Indy Food Critic/Liem's Blogs Facebook page. Remember something I am my own food Critic and for now keep on eating! 

Video Game Review: American Chopper games

This is once in a while thing on reviewing video games. I had did a three part on The Simpsons video games I had on Myspace back in 2010. This time I am reviewing the two American Chopper video games I got on PlayStation 2 based on the realty show from Discovery. My last blog was on Top bikes from the show. Showing off the toy bikes I got still in package.

American Chopper

On PlayStation 2 where it had crappy graphics. Has Paul Sr and Jr in it but no Mickey in it. Where you play as your own character. Working at American Chopper that is what the shop was called in the game name of the TV series in stead of O.C.C. Well you play different missions by riding on a thew of the chopper's you had see being built on the series. Slowly can build your own custom chopper in the game. The Graphics aren't really the best. Has some of the different bikes from the series. Playing different forms of Missions on the bikes. But it is still playable. All way's rate the same way how I do my restaurants reviews and movies. For this game 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5.    

                                              American Chopper 2 Full Therottle

The last game was not the best but was still something to play. Also did another American Chopper video game. This one has better graphics. Had Mickey in it. Besides this bike in the first game this one where their shop is O.C.C. Has more bikes in it. Has some more missions to complete in it. Instead of avatar charter you play who happens to work in the shop you get to play one of the three guys in it. Even doe this one sounds allot better then the first game. I can't even pass threw the first mission in the game. I rather puffer the other game then this. That one I can get farther threw levies. For this one 1 out of 5 I give it a 2 out of 5.

Those where the two American Chopper games I got on PlayStation 2. Well the first game was more like something on a PlayStation 1 game then a PlayStation 2 game but that one is the one steal more playable. Might be better then the Monster Garage video game I herd weren't any good to own or even play. This is one of the threw video game reviews I well be doing so fair. Still do more place I eat at reviews and other blogs. For now keep on riding!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Top 5 American Chopper bikes

When I was in high school I was a American Chopper fan. About O.C.C. none as Orange County Choppers. It is Orange County New York not California. Where it started out as a Father and Son business where they build custom theme bikes. Has it's way of drama in the series. I sorta stop watching this show back in 2006. Before when it moved from Discovery to TLC. Ranking up the top 5 bikes from the show with the bikes I got still in package's (Not sealing theme yet). This are the one's mostly from the first season. Even doe they probably have new kinds of bikes they build.

                                                                1, Black Widow 

                                                                 2, Jet Bike

                                                                3, Mikey's Bike

                                                                  4, Comanche

                                                               5, Fire Bike

Those are the five bikes I got. I got two more was just sharing the one's we know the best seen being built in the series. I well probably show the other two bikes soon on another blog. Fallow Liem's Blog/Indy Food Critic on Facebook. I well be coming out with more blogs soon. For now keep on viewing! 

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