Friday, November 29, 2013

Indy Food Critic: Top 5 things to make with your left over turkey

Today from now is Black Friday yesterday from now was Thanksgiving. We all have left over turkey. Their are some ways to us your left over turkey. Rank up the 5 thing to do with your left overs.

1, Turkey and Noodle soup

2, Turkey Panini's

3, Turkey Queadilla 

4, Turkey subs/sandwich's 

5, Turkey Taco's

Those are the thew things to make with your left over turkey. You probably have your own ways on making something with your left overs. Haven't been doing much with post's in the month of November. Been a bit busy with something. Going to be doing some Christmas/Holiday post in December.for now keep on eating!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Indy Food Critic: Whats with the pretzel buns?

pretzel bun roast beef melt from Arby's

Haven't been doing any post for a while. Been really busy with something right now and having some problems typing on this site. This is one of the not reviews Indy Food Critic where it is one of a thew I write about restaurant's right now. Most of the fast food and other forms of chain places are doing pretzel buns. Just wondering what's with the pretzel buns? A bit about the pretzel where it came from Germany. Shape of a heart where they reword kids with them after they do their bible preys. Also the pretzel is known good for beer. Serve at beer feast's such as October feast. Now most restaurants are using them as buns form of a sandwich. Started off with Sonic for their pretzel bun hot dogs. Wendy's with their Pretzel bun burgers now they have a pretzel bun chicken sandwich. Arby's with their roast beef and ham sandwich's. Arby's roast beef one was one of the pretty good pretzel bun sandwich's beside's bratwurst sever on a pretzel bun at Haus as the best. It is a small German bar kinda place ate and review back in October 2012. Also dine in chain place's are also doing pretzel buns. Such as Ruby Tuesdays with their pretzel bun burgers. Chili's with their pretzel bun chicken sandwich. Applebees has not have their way of a pretzel bun sandwich serve pretzel sticks with beer cheese to dip it in. Maybe Taco Bell well come out with their pretzel shell taco. Whats with the pretzel buns right now is the pretzel the thing that is in right now. Whats wrong with regular buns or other kinds of buns? Pretzel bun is what we got for now some place's. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Indy Food Critic: The Cheesecake Factory

Today from it is my Birthday from now. I ate at The Cheesecake Factory over at The Country club plaza in Kansas City, Mo. Cheesecake Factory are those up scale looking chain place's. With middle eastern decor clam for it's cheesecake. A fictional version is shown on The Big Bang Theory. Where the main female character name Penny is a waitress serving mainly the four guy's show knows that goes their every Tuesday nights.  Did had a pretty good meal their had smokehouse BBQ Burger with fries. The burger was good it was big and meaty. Beside's that their was something about the BBQ sauce I didn't really like. The fries where really good. Had my Cheesecake it was a OREO cheesecake been wanting one of those for awhile. It was to chocolaty mostly was dark chocolate. The service was pretty good a lot of people their doing their best they can do. Pretty much like a fancy Village Inn with cheesecake's instead of pie's. Other then the cheesecake it was a pretty good meal I had their. Little cheaper then Red Lobster. For this place 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5.

OREO Cheesecake I had

Well be doing more Indy Food Critic post soon and other kinds of post's. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Jack o Lanterns Halloween 2013

This year hadn't went to any haunted house's or even go to Halloween Haunts at Worlds of Fun this year that I wanted to go last year as will. Mostly got to watch horror movies and a thew for younger viewers that is something for the month of October to watch. Had watched about 33 movies of this month, Mostly try to watch a bit every sub-genres of horror. Each movie decade from 1920's to 2010's. Not really in order from the decades. Just watch them randomly besides watching spook films did about 9 Halloween blogs on here. Mostly ranking up horror movies and any thing like that. This year their was not meany kids out trick or treating as they uses to. Still dress up by handing out candy and bottles of Mt. Dew. The kids came by did like it when I was handy out Mt. Dew then just the candy. Came to my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia the day before Halloween clam my living self is in Kansas City. While say I died in CB and  my spirit haunts the town am from. Hope every one had a Happy Halloween.

Me as what I went for Halloween this year.

This happens to be the first day and post of the month of November for this year. Will be doing Halloween blogs next year and other post's threw out the time For now keep on viewing!

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