Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Independent Food Critic: Panera Bread

Well this is the first Independent Food Critic review for this year. Today from now I ate at Panera Bread over in Legends outlet in Kansas City, Ks. Most of the place been going. Panera Bread is mostly a place I go once in a while to eat ate. Notice they no longer got their chicken Cuban panini mostly what I normally get. Got their smokehouse Turkey panini with three cheese and a bowl of their chicken noodle soup. Kinda made it pricey. Did had better chicken and noodle soup before. The sandwich was alright. Mostly a smokehouse Turkey sandwich on three cheese bread came with a bag of chips. Was a alright place to eat at. Would eat their again once in a while. For Panera Bread 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5. Well probably be doing more place's to review on and other post as well. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!

Smokehouse Panini I had at Panera Bread

Monday, January 13, 2014

Independent Food Critic: About Sodastream

This is the first Independent Food Critic post of the year not a place I ate at review. This one is writing about SodaStream I know it's more on making drinks then food. Got a SodaStream Fizz for Christmas this year. Where you take drinking water carbonated it. Add flavor syrup to make soda at home. What I think off it. It is alright product. Not really the best. Tast is OK how you make it. The one's I know who also have a SodaStream do like the idea of me wanting it was back when I was looking up the Web for a Kool-Aid maker. Saw this product that you can make soda at home. Then the idea of wanting it. Some say it tast nasty and where the product made from the middle east. Most of those who protest to not by a SodaStream probably do work for Pepsi or Coke-Cola. Been making home made soda long time before this was invented. Mostly root beer been making to store it some place for a long time to be able to drink it. Can't get it to fizz. Where you store it can explode. The kind of SodaStream I got is the Fizz. Where it has a restart be able to chick the gas tank that is low. The flavors I like are Root Beer been drinking cherry cola more right now. Did tolled them on their FB page for a suggestion to do Fountain Mist Red. Since it is their version of Mt. Dew. SodaStream is alright it dose fizz pretty well may not always stay fizzy for a long time. The taste is alright. It well do for now. Remember something I am my own food Critic and for now keep on eating!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Me singing soft kitty video on YouTube

Sheldon and Penny bobble heads

On the 2nd day of this month of January of this year did a 20 second video of myself singing soft kitty on YuTube. That is known from The Big Band Theory where mostly Penny singing's it to Sheldon when he is sick or some form of being sick. Their are times that Sheldon sing's it to Penny. Episode where he gets sick and his mother sings it to him back when he was a child. Sheldon dose sing soft kitty to his childhood idle Professor Proton in the hospital.

Are cat Sophie 

The video of me singing soft kitty

Well be doing more post soon and maybe more Videos on YouTube. For now keep on Viewing!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

12Th Night 2014 A.D.

This is my vary first post of the year 2014. 2013 got up to 63 post's less then 2012 when I did about 88. Did had a comment on a blog only once ever. Last Saturday from now was at another SCA event where it's the middle ages re-acting group. Where they dress up in cloths that is vary well made then what they really did ware back then for real. 12TH Night is a big event that's on the first weekend of the year. Mostly a bit boring to me.

Knight fighting!

Having Court!

Did realize this was the first 12th Night we didn't stay for feast. Let you know that I did a video of my self singing soft kitty on YouTube well do a post by sharing it soon. For now keep on viewing!

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